Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I make a payment using my mobile device?

 A. Nevada General allows you to make quick payments from either a PC or a mobile device.  It is not even required to sign into your account.

 Q.  Can I use your Drive-Less-Pay-Less discount for just one month if I know I am not going to drive my car much?

 A.  Yes.  The Drive-Less-Pay-Less discount looks at the actual miles you drive your car each month to determine your discount.  You can save up to 50% off of your premium any month that you drive less than 833 miles.  The less you drive that month, the less you pay.

 Q.  Can I use your Drive-Less-Pay-Less discount on one of my two vehicles insured with you?

 A.  Yes.  The Drive-Less-Pay-Less discount is based on each vehicles miles driven.  Talk to one of our agents today and let them record your odometer reading, and then see how much you can save every month based on the vehicles actual miles driven.

 Q.  Is my credit used to determine my rate with your company?

 A.  Nevada General offers two auto insurance programs.  One of the programs uses an Insurance Score which considers your credit.  People with good credit will find the rates very competitive.  Nevada General’s other program does not use an insurance score and your credit has no bearing on the rate.  People with below average credit will find this program to be the most competitive.

 Q.  Your advertisements say that your rate is as low as $31 per month.  My rate was higher than that.  Why can’t I get the $31 rate?

 A.  All insurance rates are based on a number of variables.  Your age, driving record, type of vehicle, and area where you live are only a couple of the variables used.  Although Nevada General has rates as low as $31 per month, not all of our insureds can get that rate.

 Q.  If I keep my insurance with you, will I get a discount on my rate over time?

 A. Yes.  Nevada General offers loyalty discounts to insureds who keep their policies in force without a lapse.  These discounts will automatically be calculated each time you reach a persistency milestone.


Manage Your Policy

Did You Know?

Make sure your vehicle information is listed properly on your auto insurance policy. Little inaccuracies can make a big difference in your auto insurance rates! 

Did You Know?

Auto insurance is tax deductible for business use. Simply determine the amount of the time you use your car for solely business purposes.