NGIC Insurance Claims


24/7 Claims Hotline 1-855-500-6442

If this is an emergency or if there are injuries, please call 911 immediately.

  1. If you are at the accident scene, take steps to protect your safety
    • Move the vehicles out of traffic and to a safe location on the side of the road
    • Do not walk around in traffic to inspect vehicles or talk to the other parties
    • Do not engage the other parties about who was at fault or what happened
    • If the other party appears angry or volatile, get back in your car and call 911
    • Stay calm
  2. Gathering information
    • If the police are coming, do not provide the other party with your personal information. This belongs in the police report, but not in a stranger’s possession
    • If the police are NOT coming, try to get the following information at the scene:
      • Names and driver’s license numbers of all drivers involved
      • Year/make/model/license plate # of other vehicles involved
      • Number of people in each car
      • Addresses and phone numbers of other drivers
      • Names of other driver’s insurance companies, and their policy numbers
      • TAKE PHOTOS of the vehicle damage AND OF THE OTHER PARTIES involved if possible
      • ** Even if you believe that you might be at fault in the accident, do not discuss fault with the police or other parties. Allow experts (the police or claims adjusters) to determine fault. STICK TO THE FACTS OF THE ACCIDENT.
  3. Reporting the information
    • Call the Nevada General claims department as soon as possible at 855-500-6442
    • Have all of the information you gathered ready for the claims representative
    • After you have provided your information to our company, our goal is to have a claims adjuster contact you within 24 hours to assist you in a fast and smooth claims process. Their assistance will include:
      • Helping you decide how your car will be inspected (if needed)
      • Suggesting trusted repair shops in your area
      • Helping you arrange for a rental car (if needed)
      • Discussing the claims flow so you know what to expect
      • Answering any questions that you have
      • Settling your claim quickly and fairly and getting you back on the road

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Auto insurance is tax deductible for business use. Simply determine the amount of the time you use your car for solely business purposes.